Moving From Liverpool to Kelowna BC and buying a home

Buying a Home In Kelowna


If you are planning to buy a new construction home, be ready to walk a less familiar territory. You are buying directly from the builder as opposed to buying from the current homeowner. The process, though different from what you may have experienced before, comes with its fair share of pluses and misses.

Among the perks for a new construction home in Kelowna is that you are walking to a new home that has had no host. You will be the first occupant and you can put all your imagination into making it the best home you can think of.

On the side of misses, this is a new territory where no much information exists. You just have to press ahead with the hope that it will end with you as a winner.

But does it have to be that stressful to buy a new construction home? It doesn’t and these tips will make it even less stressful.


If you want an eventful process of buying a new construction home, you will need a competent realtor on your side. It is not an obligation you must meet but you cannot wish away the benefits that come with it.

A Kelowna realtor knows what is new and hot as well as how to nail a great for you. With a busy life outside searching and buying a new construction home, you could use some help with the process.

Know Builders And Their Reputation

You will be buying directly from a builder. A background check on builders around your neighborhood would go a long way to make sure you get everything right.

Online resources can help you get credible reviews on your local builders. Construction certification and approval boards are other resources you should use in vetting builders you would be buying from. It helps to know you are buying from a builder with a great reputation.

Find Your Own Lender

It would be convenient to go with the builder’s lender. If you do this, you are only following convenience and leaving out affordability. Search for your own lender. You could get one easily and for the right rate.

Have your eyes focused on the future

You could be buying this or that new construction home because of the spectacular view you have to a lakefront. You should ask yourself if that view is going to be there five years from now. Before you buy the property in your favorite neighborhood, you should know what awaits it now and in the future. You do not want to make a choice based on temporary advantages that will be eroded a few years down the line.

Get a profesional home inspector

This is a new home, why would I need an inspector? You will change the tune when you blindly buy a new construction home only to find multiple flaws on the floors and roof. To avoid your joy for a new home from evaporating, a professional home inspector would be a big welcome. Before you sign the final paper, ensure a home inspector has given the home a thumps up.

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