Paul McCarthy Dascoin Cork Interview – Irish Entrepreneur Series

Understanding The Cryptocurrency Movement Will Help You Learn About Digital Currencies

Understanding the cryptocurrency movement is not easy for some people. As an investor, I’m acutely aware of trends and what’s going on in the investing world. I even studied the concept of mining digital currencies, though I chose not to participate. Even I have a lot of learning to do to fully understand crypto-currencies, and I’m the type of person that would be more inclined to know them well enough. Yet there are many people who are still getting introduced to the world of digital currencies.

How Cryptocurrencies Like Dascoin & Bitcoin Work

Just a couple of months ago, I sat in my great aunt’s living room telling her and other family members about the world of crypto-currencies. It was on topic because they were talking about the future and several things that tied in to that type of movement. My great aunt didn’t know about Bitcoin, and she had a confused look on her face when she was told the money was completely digital and was being mined.

My great aunt was a very smart person. I say ‘was’ because she just died recently. She could easily grasp any type of information, but digital currencies are a little outside the box for most people, especially the older generations. Think about the younger generations that are growing up into this world though. They are the ones that are soon going to be buying and selling. Don’t you think they are going to be more inclined to grab on to such a phenomenon?

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Digital Currency Revolution

t might not seem like they are a big deal now, but they have become a much bigger deal already than they were upon inception. Just think about what you have heard about Dascoin in the news over the last year. It has made some people rich. Yet does that mean as you learn more about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that you should get in on the movement? Not necessarily, but it sure does at least help to understand how they come into play in this modern world.

Just because you know about Bitcoin doesn’t mean you know enough about crypto-currencies either. You see, that’s not the way the world works. Any big movement like that gains a little traction, and people often think they know the whole deal by then. Yet that Bitcoin movement last year, that was only the beginning. You’re going to see other digital currencies follow suit and break records over the course of the next several years.

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Dascoin Global Ambassadors – Paul McCarthy & Mateusz Gusda with Team

You don’t have to believe this investor that thinks outside the box. But I’m often good at what I do, to God be the glory. I don’t personally care to invest in digital currencies at all. Yet I’m going to tell you that I certainly believe that several of them are going to do quite well in the coming years. Right now, I would have Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple on my radar if I were you, but again, that’s what is already performing. So keep in mind that you need to think outside the box and look for future trends.